Tak v Bowes Departed
By Elizabeth Benns and Gina Barrett

Tak v bowes departed is an in-depth study of Article 4, British Library Manuscript Harley 2320. This treatise, which dates to the fifteenth century, gives instructions for making forty different braids of varying complexity.

Braids such as these were used for a variety of purposes during the medieval period; lacing clothes, purse strings, decorative trim and seal tags. This book discusses the background of the original manuscript; who may have owned it, how it was made, and compares the spelling and language with other similar documents.

Tak v bowes departed concludes with modern instructions to make each of the braids; original errors have been corrected and noted, and each braid is clearly illustrated for reference. The instructions are provided as both text and diagrams, and include a detailed overview of the technique of 'fingerloop braiding' for those new to this skill.

Tak v bowes departed will be an invaluable resource for a wide audience; dress historians, costumiers, curators, re-enactors and crafters alike.


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"It is the kind of book that is invaluable to historians and braiders of all kinds and long overdue"  
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"I'm thoroughly enjoying it by the way - Congratulations on some good reading!"  
"What a wonderful book!"  
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